About Cynthia Hannah - Podcast Host

Cynthia Hannah has over a decade of international experience working with governments and international companies, but her passion is learning and teaching biblical texts. She is a sought after educator and public speaker, giving weekly classes that fuse Torah concepts, Jewish traditions, current events, and support for Israel.

Cynthia is also the author of Miracles From Israel: Biblical Promises Fulfilled. Which connects the dots between the biblical promises mentioned in the Hebrew Bible with the extraordinary accomplishments that have taken place in Israel today, which many see as modern-day miracles. From groundbreaking medical treatments to cutting-edge technology, and successful humanitarian missions, the book highlights the "ordinary" miracles that occur every day in Israel. Whether you're interested in history, Israel, or the Bible, "Miracles from Israel: Biblical Promises Fulfilled" helps the reader understand the specific promises and prophecies that God made about the Land of Israel.

book miracles from israel

Before starting her own company, Cynthia worked in the Israeli start-up world for Moovit, the beloved app which was acquired by Intel in 2020. Prior to Moovit, Cynthia worked for the Mayor of Jerusalem’s Foreign Affairs Office and the U.S. Department of State. She speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English and Hebrew. She earned her M.A. from Georgetown University.


Cynthia made Aliyah to Israel in 2011 and attributes the inspiration for this podcast from her experiences living in the Land of Israel.